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    Products For Biochemical Industry
    Biochemical engineering is a branch of chemical engineering or biological engineering that mainly deals , with the design and construction of unit processes.
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    Products For Research and Development
    Our equipments can be supplied with real-time automation system , like SCADA, assisting in the R&D process.
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    Products For Petrochemical Industry
    Petrochemical industry requires precise control of processes owing , to the delicate nature of products and intermediates involved.
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    Products For Pharmaceuticals
    Our products are suitable for use in production units, for active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates.
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    Ablaze-Goel Scientific Works
    We aim to develop long-term satisfied customers and be the preferred solution provider , for all engineering needs of global chemical industry.

Industrial Glassware

The design and quality of individual Industrial Glassware is essential for the overall optimal performance of specialized Industrial Glassware System. We believe in using superior quality raw material and process them in-house to ensure quality control..

Laboratory Glassware

We Serve Laboratory Glassware Products like Bottles, Burettes, Dessiccators, Dishes,Volumetric Flask,Extractors, Ground Joints, Stoppers and Adaptors, Test Tubes, Kettles,Sintered Glassware, Glass Cylinders, Micro Filter Assembly To Fulfill Requirements of clients..

Customized Glassware

We forge Glass with the precise mixed combination of craftsmanship of Potter, Blacksmith & Goldsmith with a blend of engineering, being “The Transparent Specialist” , We have been launching an entire range of glass equipments in the Indian & global market

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Welcome to AG Glass Scientific Works

AG Glass is a customer centric organization. All are activities are driven by a desire to serve our customers better. We do not aim to be just a supplier but a reliable partner in your organization’s growth. The values which drive us are adaptability, customer focus, innovation and Excellence.

we believe in continuous improvisation with an aim to provide the best product and services to our customers.

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After-sales service and support has always been our USP.