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We have a vision to see India on Global map of Scientific Glass Blowing Technology and hence We started this company way back in 1977. For this, innovation in technique and new product development has been constant endeavor at M/s Goel Scientific Glass Works Ltd.


Consequently, We have developed following:-


Unique “Xtrong” range of glass equipments.
Spherical vessel up to 500 Lt.-(Patented).

Jumbo Rotary up to 800 Lt.-(Patented).
Unique-FLEX —HE, Industrial heat exchangers.


Process for developing new product by Scientific Glass Blowing is never ending phenomena at Goel.

We personally feel that one should have self confidence in what we do and continuous efforts in right direction to pursue the goal and vision in our life.


We are of the firm opinion that focused and planned approach to anything will always yield desired result.